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THIS WEEK                        12/10/17                                   272    329.2     250


Robbie Grogan will lead the Adult Class study in Galatians.
Rick Sparks, Morning & Afternoon Speaker
Kevin Kirkpatrick, in Charge of Afternoon Services



Bill Norman, Bible Class, Discipleship.

Bill Norman is doing the announcements and Paul Walker is in charge of the program.

Serving one another is how we help and encourage each other. Please let the Elders know how you can serve.


Please make sure that you lock your cars while attending services. Suspicious activity was reported in the parking lot. March 12 one of the members had his catalytic converter stolen.


Thank you, Ed & Cindy for opening their home to us for a lovely time!


Reminder: Several of our members are aroma intolerant. Please keep this in consideration when you think about using cologne or perfume.


(LET'S TAKE RESPONSIBLITY! - If you can't perform a task, please find a substitute!)



Communion Preparation - Linda Terry

Collection Counting - Kenny & Jack



FOOD PANTRY:  Nothing at this time

REMEMBER: Whenever you have a change of address, e-mail address, or phone number, please let us know; the information is needed for the Church Directory. You can e-mail the info to Denton Lancaster at



Cancer – Jerry Weichelt (Kirksville); Kim Houseman (Friend of Nina); Danny Smith (Tom's Cousin); Pat Blodgett (George's sister); Donna Walker; Melba McDaniel; Sarah Emory; Sabrina Porter; Eldon Cox; Bobby May & wife Kizzie; Steve Shelton (Nina's friend)

Other Health Concerns: Amy Kuntz, Melissa Hummel's friend - brain surgery; Juna's Son, Tony - hospitalized for a blood clot; Richard Meiner - heart attack;  Neal Wagley (Donna's brother); Alyssa Twaddell - upcoming specialst appointment; Kaylea (Nina's granddaughter) - neurology appointment soon; Walt Ridenhour; Rita Prier; Dale & Wylie Herrington;  Baby Judah - eyes; Donna Russell; Elden GrittmanPatti MartinDoug Twaddell; Dylan Sparks; Jean Norman; Jane Stoneman - a fall, but not serious.

Elderly & Shut-ins: Fred Rickner; Chad Freeman; Marge SadeCleta KiteDaryl & Janie Lancaster; Carol Grittman; Jane Stoneman; Jerry & Jean Norman.

Others: Kellie Brassfield, specifically requests prayers for Mason Hernandez's wife and daughter, Jolee & Nina. Nina misses her daddy terribly. Robbie & Glenda's son; Stacy Green; Alyssa Coombs; Michael Rhodes; Brandon Krahenbuhl.

Service Men & Women:  Rob Landes, Dillon Myers, Kyle Martin, Max Prier, Mason Hernandez - on a ship off of South Korea, Austin Twaddell, Ruth Ridenhour, Juna's granddaughter's husband Nick - Guam.

Always remember our young people who have grown out of the family home and are pursuing studies and careers, that they continue to seek wisdom from the omni-present Father. And that they continue to hold Him first in their lives.


So many have serious illnesses…our prayers may help to relieve suffering and bring comfort:

Pat Blodgett Eldon Cox Bobbie Duckstein Sarah Emory Dan Green Elden Grittman
Kim Houseman Patti Martin Bobbie May Melba McDaniel Sabrina Porter John Robertson
Steve Shelton Danny Smith Jackie Todd Doug Twaddell Neal Wagley Donna Walker
Jerry Weichelt          




Tom & Sherrill See (11).



Tom See (6), Walt Ridenhour (12), Rindy Leighter (15), Jane Stoneman (19), Barbara Norman (23), Nina Bloecher (27) Lorraine Nofsinger (31).






I’m unusual! Okay, I’ve admitted it! As a kid, I suffered from the usual childhood diseases-chickenpox, measles and maybe a bout of mumps. Yet, up until the eighth grade I maintained perfect attendance for school. (In eighth grade I suffered from strep throat for about ten days, during midterms!


However, somehow I still earned straight As and one B.) This was accomplished by a number of factors. First, I loved school and had some amazing teachers. Secondly, I don’t know how to describe it, but I felt weird when I wasn’t at school. (Our annual two day eye exams in another state were always scheduled either in the summer or during teachers’ workshops. I always felt awkward when my siblings and I were the only kids NOT in school, even if as in this case we were in another state.) And, credit has to be given to the cures to our woes.


Unless you liked to see peroxide bubbling out of your body and you liked to wander around for days like an “injun on the warpath” (no disrespect intended) due to iodine or mercurochrome, you were careful about scratches and the like. But, the real miracle healing substance was a bottle of cod liver oil. The mere thought of this vile tasting substance cured more “sore throats” and upset stomachs than all the cherry flavored cough drops in our home! (Do you think maybe making vitamins and medicine taste like candy really prevents problems?)


Reading Numbers 5 concerning another foul drink caused these thoughts to percolate. When a husband became jealous of his wife or she possibly had an affair a foul tasting drink was utilized to resolve the matter. God provided a means to resolve “he said- she said” such arguments. Whenever this type of problem arose, the issue was settled by God! (Under God’s plan there was no “irreconcilable differences”, no “we fell out of love”; He addressed the problem and settled it.)


In the situation described, both the husband and the wife were brought before God, in the form of His priests. God is concerned about our relationships and our problems. She is made to drink a vile bitter drink mixed from sanctified water and dust from the floor of the Tabernacle. She had to drink this water of the curse and agree to the results of the curse. The results were dreadful for the cursed person IF she was guilty, and had no effect IF she was innocent. I’m sure the threat of facing God and the test of this bitter drink did much to retain family relationships. (You can get more detail from Numbers 5.)


God is concerned about us! When we have problems that can’t be otherwise resolved, He knows the truth and will resolve our issues. Just as the wife in this passage had to submit to the will of God, so do I. A lot of problems we have today are the result of perceptions and unaddressed issues. We somehow think sweeping problems under the rug will resolve them! God gave me a means to get beyond these festering sores, rather than letting them putrefy into poisoning us and our relationships. Maybe, we need bitter medicine to “cure” our woes.


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