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THIS WEEK                        2/18/18                                  267.2    329.2     250


Robbie Grogan will lead the Adult Class study in Galatians.
Kevin Kirkpatrick, Morning Speaker
Bill Norman, In Charge of Afternoon Services


Paul Walker, 1 Samuel

Paul Walker is doing the announcements and Bill Norman is in charge of the program.

Serving one another is how we help and encourage each other. Please let the Elders know how you can serve.


Please make sure that you lock your cars while attending services. Suspicious activity was reported in the parking lot. March 12 one of the members had his catalytic converter stolen.


Jill Twaddell's father, Joe Dunn, passed away on Friday, 2/16. Our condolences to the Dunn family.


Reminder: Several of our members are aroma intolerant. Please keep this in consideration when you think about using cologne or perfume.




(LET'S TAKE RESPONSIBLITY! - If you can't perform a task, please find a substitute!)



Communion Preparation - The Sees

Collection Counting - Jonathan & Dale


FOOD PANTRY:  Canned goods (no green beans, please) & canned soup. (Please check expiration dates)

REMEMBER: Whenever you have a change of address, e-mail address, or phone number, please let us know; the information is needed for the Church Directory. You can e-mail the info to Denton Lancaster at



Cancer – Sharon Amos (friend of Linda Terry); Jerry Weichelt (Kirksville); Kim Houseman (Friend of Nina); Danny Smith (Tom's Cousin); Pat Blodgett (George's sister); Donna Walker; Melba McDaniel; Sarah Emory; Sabrina Porter; Eldon Cox; Bobby May & wife Kizzie; Steve Shelton (Nina's friend)

Other Health Concerns: Bill Norman, pain relief: Paula Waldowski (Barb Landes' sister) flu; Jane Stoneman's son-in-law, Jim Lamm - brain tumor; Richard Meiner - heart attack;  Neal Wagley (Donna's brother); Walt Ridenhour; Rita Prier; Dale & Wylie Herrington; Elden GrittmanPatti MartinDoug Twaddell; Dylan Sparks; Jean Norman.

Elderly & Shut-ins: Fred Rickner; Chad Freeman; Marge SadeDaryl & Janie Lancaster; Carol Grittman; Jane Stoneman; Jerry & Jean Norman.

Others: Coen, relative of Glenda Grogan, severe burns along with his father who burned his hands trying to rescue him; Robbie & Glenda's son; Stacy Green; Alyssa Coombs; Michael Rhodes; Brandon Krahenbuhl.

Service Men & Women:  Rob Landes, Dillon Myers, Kyle Martin, Max Prier, Mason Hernandez - on a ship off of South Korea, Kellie Brassfield, specifically requests prayers for Mason Hernandez's wife and daughter, Jolee & Nina. Nina misses her daddy terribly. Austin Twaddell, Ruth Ridenhour, Juna's granddaughter's husband Nick - Guam.

Always remember our young people who have grown out of the family home and are pursuing studies and careers, that they continue to seek wisdom from the omni-present Father. And that they continue to hold Him first in their lives.


So many have serious illnesses…our prayers may help to relieve suffering and bring comfort:

Sharon Amos Pat Blodgett Eldon Cox Sarah Emory Elden Grittman Kim Houseman
  Patti Martin Bobbie May Melba McDaniel Sabrina Porter Steve Shelton
Danny Smith Jackie Todd Doug Twaddell Neal Wagley Donna Walker Jerry Weichelt




Dale & Wylie Herrington (28).



Barbara Landes (6), Leo Cunningham (8), Daniel Leighter (21), Stacy Green (24), and Noah See (29).




February is the month of love. Valentine’s Day with its candy, flowers, cards. It’s fun and a great way to show others how we feel about them. But the Bible shows us the true meaning of love. The kind of love that will give us peace and happiness. Here are a few examples from Romans 12.

Love Must Honor Others.
“Outdo one another in showing honor”
(v. 10b).

The Greek word for honor actually has a sense of competition about it, so translation “outdo one another” is very accurate. We live in a day where the opposite seems to be the case. We hear much about quotas, preferential treatment and affirmative action. In the Christian context, it means that we take affirmative action to make sure that others receive preferential treatment before we do. This obviously goes so much against our human nature that it is not possible without the infusion of God’s Holy Spirit in our hearts.

Love Must be Enthusiastic.
“Do not be slothful in zeal, be fervent in spirit, serve the Lord”
 (v. 11).

Paul’s words have nothing to do with how loud we sing or how much we clap or whether or not we raise our hands when we worship. Those things are purely secondary. Paul is challenging us to put as much effort into our Christianity as we do into our work.




"You can't fix stupid. And, killing it is against the law." This saying has left me a bit puzzled. The ignorant might be trained. Skills can be developed among even the simplest of people and adaptations made. The distracted are a problem of their own. But, the rebellious are a challenge for God Himself.

People have always been a little ignorant. Even the highly educated have areas that highlight their ignorance. God gave the Law of Moses as a schoolmaster to teach the Israelites and us about Him and ourselves.
The book of Judges illustrates a people easily distracted. As long as they had a good strong leader, they clung to God. But, they were easily distracted and went their own way, "each man did what was right in their own eyes." Ah but the rebellious, you can't teach or correct them until you get their attention.

It seems as though the glory of a man (at least in Palestine) is in his hair and beard. The Prophet was told to hack off his hair and beard (Ezekiel 5) and divide the result into thirds using a scale. Very meticulous! A third was to burned; a pleasant smell? No! A stink that could not be escaped in this camp of refugees. A third of the hair was to struck with a sword all around the city. The last third was to be thrown in the air and chased by a sword. A small amount of hair was to be bound in the skirts of his robe and burned in the fire. Parents were probably warning their kids to stay away from the crazy man. Picture it. What a sight this must have been!

But, the Prophet wasn't crazy. He was illustrating what was going to happen to the people of Jerusalem. Their rebellion was complete. They had been trained. They had the opportunity to trust Him, but they chose to go their own way. Not only did they reject God, but they were WORSE than the nations around them! Not only did they reject Him, they offered their own children to powerless idols, took advantage of each other, abused their own brothers, widows and orphans. Their god was their own bellies!

God made His Prophet a spectacle to get their attention.
A question for me is what does He have to do to get my attention? Am I so ignorant that I need to be retrained? Am I so distracted that I can't hear His call? Or, does He need to make His spokesman a clown to show how I have tried to "play" Him.


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